Tantric Wisdom

Tantra is a system of practice for Self-Realization.  In Shakta Tantra we revere consciousness as Devī, sanskrit for Goddess- the feminine principle of the divine. A non-dual path Shakta Tantra merges the mundane and the divine wherein all is perceived as manifestation of Her beauty.

Devī is known as Lalita, meaning She who plays. A luminous and sensuous pure embodiment of beauty, She quivers with Śṛṅgāra rasa, the taste of the erotic to reveal our true nature – Ānanda, bliss - the unending experience of love. Her play, or leela, is an eternal dance of attraction between the masculine and feminine in an effort to integrate these polarities and merge through union with Oneness.

Entering Her sensual play is an opening into a multi-dimensional experience of reality where we are One with the universe and all is an opportunity for Self- realisation. Our body, mind, senses, and the universe are designed on the same pattern, and the deeper we surrender to Ocean of Her majesty the more we allow ourselves to re-cognize that we live and express as waves of Her Beauty.