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Invoking Shakti

NavarātriĀ Storytelling andĀ Sadhanā

October 14th - 23rd 2023


An invocation is a calling into being and Shakti is a power that brings beauty and harmony.

Navarātri which means nine nights is a festival dedicated to DevÄ«- the self-effulgent light of consciousness, the Goddess, the Mother and all-pervading Shakti. During this time the Goddess Durga who encompasses all forms of Devi spends nine days battling a multitude of demons the most celebrated episode being the slaying of Mahishasura ā€“ the Buffalo head demon.

By honoring DevÄ«, the omnipresent cosmic energy permeating the whole existence, we honor ourselves and all of life. Indeed, we do not need to be empowered rather we simply need to remember the power that we are.Ā 

Navarātri is an auspicious time that gives us an opportunity for a more tangible connection with that knowing. During thisĀ journey together,Ā we will establish a first encounter with DevÄ« or deepen a life-long intimate relationship.Ā 


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The Pleasure TempleĀ 

Feminine EmbodimentĀ  and Yoni Egg Teachings
SeptemberĀ 21st 2023 -DecemberĀ 21st, 2023

A 3-Month Program,Ā The Pleasure Temple Initiation is an invitation to enter the depth of your own wisdom & reveal the power of sexual energy.Ā 

For generations, there has been heavy repression of sexual expression through societal conditioning. Over time, our natural life force or sexual energy has been stifled and in the process we have been disconnected from our primordial birthright of pleasure and fulfilment.Ā 

An essential remembering of the feminine, this 3-month online course will provide you with maps to connect to the most intimate parts of yourself and the medicine of pleasure.

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Magic Of Your Moon 

Attuning to your cyclical nature


An  on-demand offering Magic of Your Moon explores the four distinct phases of your menstrual cycle through a feminine perspective that will invite you into a deeper intimate relationship with yourself and your own rhythm.

We live in a society that engages us to ignore our body and our cycle when they are the source of our power and the temples of our remembering. By re-connecting to your inherent sacredness and the magic you hold in your womb, you will be invited to attune to yourself and your own rhythm recovering the power of your own flow.

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