Mentorship Program

Embodying Shakti

6-month Mentorship Program 


Following the three part model of inquiry, self-love and sexual mastery Embodying Shakti is a 6-month one-on-one immersion into the realms of beauty and sensuality. Shakti is the essence of life it is a power that brings harmony and beauty. This program is designed to make you embody this life-force and surrender fully to the incredible power of pleasure coursing through you and uniting all of Life.


Allow Life to Make Love to You and You to Make Love to Life



It is an invitation to remember your innate power and embody the delight of who you are allowing pleasure to become a prayer and devotion you’re offering. It is a curated intimate experience designed to thoroughly support your spiritual growth and the return to your erotic innocence.  


Together we build a relationship of mutuality and trust where the fullness of Shakti will be invited to unfold with devotion. Sharing practices and wisdom from ancient traditions that have been passed on to us from elders and embodied over the years, you will receive teachings and practices to embody your sensuality and integrate your sensual longings and spiritual aspiration.

This is a path of embodiment of the fullness of who you are recommended for those who are fully dedicated to reveal the Mystery.

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What it includes  

  • 6-month immersion where we work 1-on-1. It’s a personal program and you receive full devotion and attention
  • 2 teaching and practice sessions per month. All sessions are between 90-120minutes
  • 3-day one-on-one retreat
  • Support in between sessions
  • This program combines teachings and practice. You will receive techniques and practice to integrate the wisdom after each session
  •  The exact time and date for sessions will be mutually agreedto adjust them to your schedule
  •  There is a structure but just like the feminine it is fluid and will be curated according to your needs


This is an intimate program limited to 6 clients every 6 months.


The next available spaces are open for December 2022.

 If you’re interested, please fill the application below and you will be added to the waiting list . Once received, we will schedule a consultation for you to answer any questions and see if this program is for you.

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