Gnostic Wisdom

The word Gnostic comes from the Greek gnosis meaning “knowledge,” which is considered as wisdom received through a direct, intimate experience with the divine. This knowing unites body, mind and heart, connecting the seen and unseen simultaneously.

The Gnostic understanding is that the retrieval of the Truth of Who We Are is the original blessing which occurs when the masculine and feminine are united in the hieros gamos, the mystical union through which all creation emerges. As one enters this sacred marriage, it re-ignites the spark living within all of life and lifts the veil of ignorance. This self-knowledge allows for one to “resurrect into a new life of the Spirit”

Entering Gnostic wisdom  first and foremost involves finding the sacred marriage within and uniting our masculine and feminine parts through a love play. It is a conscious integral transformation brought about by a slow and persistent unification of one’s Being, moving from selfishness and fear into love and surrender.